Fareed Armaly - Reorient (1989)

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  Fareed Armaly - Parts (1997)  

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  Fareed Armaly - haus.0 (1999-2002)

haus.0 website
haus.0 (© Fareed Armaly) was initiated in 1999 as the concept for Armaly's four-year program as Artistic Director of Künstlerhaus Stuttgart.
1999-2002 in English/German, after in English

  Fareed Armaly - Documenta 11 (2002)    
  Fareed Armaly - From/To (1999/2002)

From/To website
The project From/To (© Fareed Armaly) was realized in 1999 and 2002. This online website was developed for inclusion within the Documenta11 version. Main exhibition texts English/German.

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